Rubbing Alcohol 300ml


Rubbing Alcohol 300ml

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Mermaid Rubbing Alcohol
For Sanitizing Anything

BENEFITS INSIDE: The Mermaid Rubbing Alcohol with vitamin E eliminates 99.9% of germs. It keeps your hands clean, sanitized and hydrated.

Active Ingredients / Purpose: Isopropyl Alcohol 5% V/V (Sanitizing Agent), Ethyl Alcohol 62% V/V (Sanitizing Agent)

DIRECTIONS OF USE: Make sure all organic matter (dirt) is removed from hands, prior to applying Rubbing Alcohol. Then apply a few drops of Rubbing Alcohol on the palm of one hand & rub both hands together covering all surfaces of hand( palm, fingers, in between your fingers, thumbs, your nails and in between the knuckles ). Rub until all alcohol is absorbed. 

IT CAN ALSO BE USED TO SANITIZE: Door, Furniture, Lift, Car, Mobile or any other hard surfaces.

Why choose Mermaid ?

Reason one

Our philosophy is simple, we solely wish to create the best marine skincare products that enhances the natural beauty and makes people fall in love with their own skin.

Reason two

At Mermaid we combine high standards with scientific curiosity and traditional values. We actively attempt and maintain the perfect balance between innovation and fulfilling our social and environmental responsibilities throughout our production and supply chain.