Lip Balm: Cocoa butter From Islands of Mozambique


Lip Balm: Cocoa butter From Islands of Mozambique

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Mermaid Lip Balm: Cocoa butter From Islands of Mozambique

BENEFITS INSIDE: The unique and soothing formula of Mermaid Marine Beauty Secret Cocoa Butter will keep your lips hydrated, plum and pout ready for 24 hours. Our carefully crafted formula prevents chapped lips all while keepings your lips hydrated and supple.

Enriched with fatty acid and vitamins (E, K) and the natural plant compound called phytochemicals which repel those pesky little free radicals, this lip balm is a must have for your makeup and skincare routine.

This formula is natural and free of parabens, sulphate, and preservatives.

DIRECTIONS OF USE: Apply a small amount evenly on your lips. Add more balm if necessary and smile.
This product can be used multiple times a day.

Key Ingredients : Cocoa Butter
Ingredients: Cocoa Butter ,Beeswax, Coconut oil, Shea Butter, Olive oil, Almond oil, Carnauba wax, colour pigment and perfume.

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Why choose Mermaid ?

Reason one

Our philosophy is simple, we solely wish to create the best marine skincare products that enhances the natural beauty and makes people fall in love with their own skin.

Reason two

At Mermaid we combine high standards with scientific curiosity and traditional values. We actively attempt and maintain the perfect balance between innovation and fulfilling our social and environmental responsibilities throughout our production and supply chain.