Japanese Blood Grass

Japanese Blood Grass

Imperata Cylindrica 

Also known as Cogon grass, kunai grass, blady grass 


DISTRIBUTION: Asia, India, Micronesia, Australia, Africa 

DESCRIPTION: Japanese blood grass belongs to a subfamily of grasses called panicoideae. It is a perennial rhizomatous plant that grows between 0.25 and 1.2 meters in height. It is well known for its ability to withstand even harsh climatic conditions. 

APPLICATION: The grass is native to Asia where it is used as a medicinal plant, amongst other things. It enjoys great popularity especially in traditional Chinese medicine. 

EFFECT: Japanese blood grass provides intensive, long-lasting hydration for a fresh and healthy complexion. This skin-quenching range delivers superior skin hydration and includes formulas that provide lasting moisture for skin that’s soft, supple and healthy looking.