Healing Chalk from Rügen

Healing Chalk from Rügen

The White Gold of the Coast ORIGIN. 

The Island of Rugen in the Baltic Sea. 

DESCRIPTION: The pure and natural chalk from the German Baltic Sea island of Rügen is frequently referred to as the ‘white gold’ of the coast. It is very rich in natural minerals and therefore very well absorbed and tolerated by the skin. 


APPLICATION: Doctors and beauty experts have taken advantage of this fine, valuable chalk and its positive effect on the human organism since 1910. They use it for hot packs and baths to relieve back pain and stimulate the metabolism and blood flow. 


EFFECT: Rugen Healing Chalk is a highly valuable cosmetic ingredient. It can stimulate the electrolytes in the skin cells and improve skin metabolism.  Due to its high amount of minerals and micronutrients, this can improve the barrier function of the skin and regulate its natural moisture level. The healing chalk supports cell renewal and promotes the skin’s self-healing properties. It provides a soothing sensation to irritated skin.