Asiatic Pennywort

Asiatic Pennywort

 Centella asiatica   

ASIATIC PEN Also known as Indian pennywort, tiger herb, Gotu kola, centella 

Origin Asia

DISTRIBUTION: Tropics and subtropics

DESCRIPTION: The Asiatic pennywort is a sleek, herbaceous plant. It is widespread throughout tropical and subtropical countries worldwide - Madagascar, Vietnam, India, China and Africa. It prefers wet to marshy sites, up to an altitude of 700 meters.

APPLICATION: The extract of centella asiatica leaves and roots has been used for centuries in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine. To this day, it enjoys a very high reputation in India, where it is used for inflammatory skin diseases.

EFFECT: Asiatic pennywort has incredible nurturing properties; it is a common ingredient of cosmetics. Its extract smoothest and strengthens the skin whilst regenerating and balancing it at the same time.